„Architecture is dream, Fantasy, curves and empty spaces.“
Oscar Niemeyer

A real Statement

Building & Architecture

Lützow21 is a townhouse which – thanks to its ambitious design, looking ahead to the new century – still stands out from its surroundings today. Taking its cue from the style of the surrounding historical buildings, it interprets classic architectural features anew, developing an aesthetic of its own from them. It thus fits perfectly into Berlin by applying precisely what has made the city unique in the eyes of the world since time immemorial: the ability to encounter ex-isting reality confidently and to help shape it in an original, sometimes quirky, often unexpectedly visionary style.

The building standing proudly in the row of houses in Lützowstrasse is a postmodern emblem. Built in 1994, when Berlin was growing back together, its style reflects a cosmopolitan vision liberated from dogmatic stipulations. Born amid the reverberations of the fall of the Berlin Wall, it’s a signal of its time, a clear architectural statement.